Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A different walk

Today I came down a path I've only ever walked once in the over 40 years we've lived here. I remembered it as very boggy and with a horrible steep and slippery bit near the end at the point where it dropped down into town. This is why I've never been that way since. However, I'm devising a walk to a local beauty spot that will start from town whilst avoiding too much road walking, so I thought that going UP this path should work. (I always prefer to walk UP a nasty steep path rather than come down it.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember exactly where the path started. I thought I'd found it but it turned out to be a different path that just cut across the hill and led to the road I've walked a million times before. So I walked up the road and decided to venture walking down the path again, though this time, despite all the rain we've had, it wasn't actually boggy and I managed the steep bit down without slipping, though I did wish I'd had my walking pole with me.

The lovely weather had brought lots of people out and the lane and even the path seemed to be popular. This was handy because at the point where the path seemed to disappear, I met a couple of young women with a small child and a dog. I asked them if they'd come up from town and when they said yes. I asked where the path went, they pointed diagonally across the field and, shielding my eyes from the low sun, it was visible when you knew where to look.

The path brought me down into town opposite the Eurospar where I bought a few things I hadn't been able to get in the Co-op on Tuesday.

Near the start of the path:

Path to town

The view from the path near the start:

View from path

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