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Writing progress -- At last!

Words today: 235
Words in Chapter 15: 509
Words in Chapter 16: 93 (notes)
Words in Chapter 17: 97 (notes)
Words in Chapter 18: 20 (notes)
Words in Chapter 19: 7 (notes)
Words total:
Reason for stopping: End of scene. I also finished sketching out the order of the scenes in the rest of the story. The end is in sight!
Other: Not many actual words written, but I have created blank files for the remaining 4 chapters and copied and pasted the brief notes from the spreadsheet into the appropriate chapter file.

Note to self: Try to establish better communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of my writing brain. The Conscious Writing Brain had been waiting for the Unconscious Writing Brain to send up more material. The UWB, however, was remaining silent. Eventually it offered a snippet of dialogue that might make the opening lines of book 2 of the hostel series, but nothing for Moving a Mountain. It took me some time to realise that the reason it wasn't sending up material was perhaps because there wasn't any more.

I knew I ought to sit down and do some planning, but I hate planning and so had put it off. Anyway, after today's planning session, I now know that the UWB was right. I have enough material for the final 4 chapters and I have sketched out the order I think the scenes should go in. All I have to do now is write them, and I'm sure when I settle to that, the UWB will supply detail, as required; it just knew there was nothing major missing and so had fallen silent waiting for me to get on with finishing the damned thing.

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