Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The weekly shopping news

There was a false start to the shopping trip this morning because I'd barely pulled out of the parking area on to the road when I realised I'd forgotten to put a mask in the little bag that carries my card wallet and phone. I contemplated going right round the roundabout after turning onto the bypass and heading straight back home, but decided instead to take the car for a little run to the next village about 1.5 miles away first. Because I'm only using the car once a week at the moment, I take a roundabout route to the Co-op. Instead of heading into town I go the opposite way and do a loop round the bypass and re-enter town from the other side.

Having returned home, I collected a mask and also thought it might be a good idea to put a couple in the glove compartment so if we're out somewhere and decide to call into a shop, we'll have masks.

And so, finally, to the Co-op, which is starting to come together. The empty chill cabinets along the right-hand wall as you enter now contain meat and ready meals and the veg shelves are back where they were originally. It's still rather like a treasure hunt finding everything and there was no frozen food at all, nor was there any white wine. Otherwise I pretty much got everything on my list other than tomatoes.

At the checkout, the total came to £78 and I needed it to be over £80 to claim the special offer of "£8 off if you spend over £80". They cunningly always make these offers slightly more than one's normal spend, which is why I had bought coffee we didn't actually need yet and why I'd planned to buy more wine, both things that keep. I looked around desperately for something to buy to push it over the limit, so ended up with a box of Aero chocolates as being the only thing within reasonable fetching distance.

I'm really looking forward to everything settling down in the Co-op so I can learn where everything is. It will make shopping trips much more efficient again. However, the stash maintenance is working well. New tins and packets go in and I pull out the oldest items to put in the To Be Used Now cupboard.

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