Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Storm damage

I hadn't walked round the playing fields since the flood as I'd been walking through town and up the roads and paths on the other side, but today I went the long way round to do the top-up shop in Eurospar. The flood didn't seem as bad as many, but when the river came over the bank, it's gouged the surface of the track quite badly and pushed down the wooden fence that runs beside the path.

As I walked towards town, I noticed that visibility across the river has improved considerably now the leaves are falling. This is important for a video I'm planning because I need to be able to get some shots of where the old railway goods yard used to be.

The shopping trip to Eurospar was successful. I probably should have gone in the morning because it was the busiest I've seen it, but "busy" for Eurospar is still quiet by most standards. Anyway, I got what I went for and then walked back through town.

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