Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

This week's shopping news

Most of the Co-op is functioning properly and full stocked. Things now seem to have settled in their new locations, so going round with the trolley and collecting what I want becomes easier each time as I learn the new layout. Also the new self-checkouts are working, but it's no good for a huge trolley load of stuff, so I had to ask for a checkout to be opened.

The portacabins have gone from the car park, so it looks as though the bulk of the work is finished, though there was a group of men wandering about who seemed to be assessing progress.

What was not working were the freezers. After being fully stocked last week, it looks as though they've had a freezer malfunction as there was no frozen food whatsoever. Fortunately I stocked up last week, so should be OK as we have plenty of fresh veg and I bought more meat to freeze. The only frozen food I buy is oven chips, peas and ice cream.

Everything has now been put away, either in the cupboard ready for use in the near future or in the Really Useful BoxesTM where I keep the Brexit stash.

In other news, I'm almost ready to go out and film my next video, so of course the weather has settled and promises to be sunny. I don't want sunny! I need it gloomy and overcast so the lake looks a bit sinister while I talk about ghosts and giant serpents.

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