Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Change of direction

Friday Hackers Meeting: I know you're supposed to stick to one language during the monthly challenge, but I just wasn't doing anything with Italian. Busuu is much better (in my view) than Duolingo but it had to be done on the computer or phone and I couldn't do it while doing anything else. I have therefore switched back to Spanish using the Say Something in Spanish lessons which are audio only. I've already revised a couple of sessions and doing 15 minutes each morning while washing up is working really well.

The change back to Spanish is partly due to the hopeful news about Covid-19 vaccines. My original idea was to learn Spanish with the intention of having short winter breaks in Spain during the gloomiest months of winter. Actually my SAD doesn't seem too bad this year. It's possible that the Vitamin D I'm taking is helping because my lightbox broke and I haven't replaced it. Of course travel abroad is impossible right now, but perhaps by early in the new year of 2022 I might venture to Spain? We'll see...

Meanwhile learning a new language is keeping my brain active!

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