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A mixed day

It started badly. Many weeks ago I submitted a story to F&SF. Normally they can get a rejection back to me within a week, and that includes trans-Atlantic postage both ways. This time I heard nothing. The optimist in me thought they might be considering it, after all, hadn't they said nice things about the last story they rejected? The pessimist just thought it had got lost. After more than 8 weeks had elapsed, I wrote a query letter. Still nothing. Until this morning, when the query is returned to me marked Not deliverable as addressed. So presumably the story didn't get there either, as I used the same address.

I now feel unutterably stupid. Not only was I big-headed enough to think that they might have been holding the story for a possible purchase, but I can't even get the address right. Sigh...

Having said that, I am puzzled. I used the same address I've used before, which worked fine (see above about receiving rejections more or less return of post). Also, I most carefully checked the address on the web site before sending the MS.

I will print out another copy and try somewhere else.

I had said I'd go out with G to visit a different field study site today, but when I went into the garage to put things in the re-cycling bin -- or rather when I tried to go in the garage -- I discovered that there was so much stuff dumped inside the doorway that getting inside was almost impossible. So I had a change of plan and spent a large part of the day shifting stuff, bagging rubbish and moving the shelves back into the place vacated by all the wood that's been used up in building the soil through-flow experiments. It was horribly dusty, a mixture of concrete dust and old hay dust, the hay remnants dating from the time I kept a horse and stored feed in the garage.

After the garage tidying, it was mowing. I managed most of the front grass; the rest will be finished whenever.

Tired now, but more cheerful than earlier. At least I've achieved something.

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