Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Winter sunshine by the sea

Last Saturday we drove to Barmouth to catch some winter sunshine. We walked right to the end of the prom, but as the tide was in, we didn't try to go further. Walking on pebbles is no fun at all.

End of the prom

This was as far as you could go right by the sea if the tide was in, but you could cross the railway line and head inland. This is a crossing without lights. You have to open the gates yourself and be very careful to look for trains before you try to cross.

Level crossing

Today everywhere was shrouded in mist. I think it must have blanketed a large part of the British Isles. It did clear mid-morning and there was a brief spell of sunshine before the sky clouded over and the weather became grey and cold. We're planning another expedition to the coast on Wednesday, weather permitting.

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