Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Yesterday's shopping news

The big shop went OK yesterday. No car problems this week and the Co-op refurbishment is now finished and I'm starting to learn the new layout.

However, at the checkout I had put all my purchases on the conveyor and was waiting patiently for the women in front to finish paying and leave, but she was doing something complicated with saving stamps so was taking a long time. This wouldn't normally have bothered me but she already had her mask under her nose and then she kept pulling it down to talk to the man on the till. Then she said she'd lost a £20 note and headed towards me to look for it. I backed well away as she looked around on the floor. I was a little worried she might accuse me of finding it, but she went back to the till and continued faffing around.

Two more staff members came over and suggested that the note might have fallen into her bag which was sitting in the trolley full of her groceries. So there was her (not wearing her mask properly) and three staff members all gathered in one spot. What is more, I could small (even from 2 metres away) that the woman was a smoker and I'm thinking, she smokes, she doesn't wear a mask properly, I bet she's a risk taker and meets friends and family. I was feeling quite uncomfortable when thankfully a staff member produced the missing £20 note from the bottom of the woman's shopping bag and the transaction could be completed.

Of course to pack my bags and pay, I had to stand where all these people had been breathing. I was not happy. :-(

Later, in the afternoon I texted with my daughter and we've decided that a winter meet-up is just not going to work with the weather so cold and dreary and not being able to go to a cafe or visitor centre. We have often had pre-Christmas outdoor meetings, but they've always involved a bit of a walk and then a nice warm cafe for lunch. As that's out this year, we've decided to wait until spring when things should be better, especially if we've had the vaccine by then.

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