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A funny week

It's been a fully week. Funny as in the sense of peculiar that is. The main problem was that this year the school holidays didn't coincide with our college holiday. We stuck to the traditional one week before and one week after the actual Easter weekend. However (presumably because Easter was so early this time), the schools all opted for staying open right up to the Easter weekend, then having the two weeks afterwards. Unfortunately, G's college opted for the school pattern, so he was still working the first week I was off. Then even though I was off, he was in the college doing one-to-one sessions with the A-level students, working on their projects. Then I went back to work while he was still off (though actually going in anyway, though not working to a normal timetable).

So I sort of don't feel like I've had much of a holiday as apart from Eastercon, we didn't go out anywhere special.

Then, having gone back to work last week, I had virtually no students. I teach mature adults and they had either:

a) got school-age children, so couldn't come in to college without arranging childcare.

b) got school-age grandchildren, for whom they were the childcare arranged by the working parents.

c) got confused, despite being told by me what date we were due back. They were no doubt working on the priciple of: "If the kids are still off school, the college must be closed too."

d) they had booked an Easter holiday away and hadn't thought that it mattered about missing a session, assuming they'd noticed that the holidays were different to the schools...

For example on Thursday afternoon, only 2 out of the 8 turned up. It's actually quite hard teaching just a couple and to make matters worse, it was the fastest student in the class (who probably, with hindsight, could have started at the next level up) and the slowest (a dear older lady with arthritic hands who has recently had to miss a few weeks due to the death of her husband). And then to complicate matters even further, a third student turned up halfway through, still in a dark suit after having come straight from a funeral.

The one thing a teacher of adults has to be in flexible. *g*

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