Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Making progress

For this month's Habitica long-term project challenge I had chosen learning Spanish as the long-term project to focus on. I'm surprised at how well it's going. My target was to maintain an average of 6 minutes or more of study time per day. The average is currently 14 minutes, which doesn't sound much but I am making steady progress through the Say Something in Spanish course. It's a purely audio course so I'm doing 15-20 minutes per day while washing up after breakfast. I've re-done all the challenges I'd done previously so, as from tomorrow, I'll be starting on new sessions.

In other news, the shopping trip to the Co-op yesterday was uneventful. No problems with the car and people were being good about mask wearing and keeping their distance. The Co-op had also corrected the sign which had the unexpected Scottish Gaelic phrase on it. I took a couple of photos, but Flickr is sulking so I'll post them tomorrow.

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