Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Photos from Tuesday's shopping trip

I feel really tired now, but I have done a 2 hour Welsh lesson this morning and this afternoon I filmed a short video to wish our son a happy birthday. He'll be 40 on Sunday, and of course he can't have a party or go out for a meal or celebrate in the normal way. Our daughter-in-law secretly asked me to send photos of him when small and also record the birthday wishes. She's going to put it together, no doubt with little videos from other well-wishers as a way of making his birthday a bit special.

As promised, here at the photos from Tuesday's visit to the Co-op. Here I am wearing one of the new festive mace masks.

Christmassy face mask

And here is the corrected sign. The Scottish Gaelic has been covered up by the correct Welsh translation: "Prydau hawdd a chyflym" (Quick and easy meals)

Corrected sign

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