Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Nearly ready for Christmas

I had posted all the Christmas cards, but then I tidied the sitting room so I could dust and vacuum before putting the decorations up. And that was when I found a note that had slipped down behind the settee that had come out of a Christmas card a couple of years ago and which contained a change of address.


It's possible that the recipient had had mail forwarded, but I have just sent another card to the correct address with an apologetic note. I have also updated the database of addresses and the mailing labels.

As it wasn't raining, I took a rather roundabout way back from the Post Office where I posted the card. There are some narrow back lanes that straggle up the hill behind the town, so I went up one and then found myself at the bottom of the path up through the woods. It's been very wet recently so the path was slippery, but I prefer climbing UP steep slippery paths rather than trying to come down them. And so I had a bit of exercise. Only 1 mile, but a very steep mile.

I've also just bought an Amazon voucher for son's birthday tomorrow and then remembered that the new Ali Brosh book came out a few months ago. I adored Hyperbole and a Half I'd had her new book on pre-order, but it never appeared and eventually I cancelled the pre-order. But now it should be with me in time for Christmas! I have ordered the physical book. I read most of the books I buy in Kindle format, but I think that will be better as an actual book.

Also today I tried the new tea infuser that arrived yesterday along with two packs of Russian Caravan tea. I can now use loose tea and yet make a single mug of tea. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, I like a cup of tea but can't drink a whole potful.

Mug of tea mug

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