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I am completely gobsmacked!

Still smarting from two rejections this week (Blue Form of Death for the fluffy assassin story from Realms of Fantasy and a "didn't grab my interest" for Witch's Cat from F&SF), I arrived home tonight, downloaded my email and scanned the subject lines. Amazon had received the rental videos and had despatched 2 more. There were a couple of spams and one with the subject line Request to reproduce one of your haiku. Oh, I thought, Someone wants to quote it on a web page. I was on a haiku mailing list for a while and someone requested the use of one of my photos of the week. I assumed it was something on these lines.

I opened the email.

"Bloody hell!" I said out loud, startling the ratties.

Not a web page. The Open University only want to use it in the course materials they are putting together for their new second level Creative Writing course. As I said above, completely gobsmacked. Also I am chuffed to bits. *g*

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