Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It's Tuesday, it's shopping day

Town was dead when I drove through on the way to the Co-op. The cafes that had been open were all closed, even for al fresco dining. The non-essential shops were also closed and there were parking spaces in the square! That never happens.

The Co-op was a little busier than normal for a Tuesday morning but apart from one woman who was totally ignoring the one-way system and was very bad at social distancing, it felt comfortable. There was plenty of fruit & veg, though how supplies will hold up after Christmas if the ports stay closed, I don't know. I foresee a lot of potatoes, carrots and turnips in our future rather than citrus fruits, tomatoes and salad, though that's probably going to be the case with Brexit anyway...

So we are now ready for Christmas. Our daughter texted to say that they are now home again. They'd been for a short break in a cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast but headed home today while the weather was good. Our son had a good birthday on Sunday.

We hadn't planned to meet anyone over Christmas, due to keeping ourselves socially distanced. I will host the Welsh informal chat group on Skype, as usual, though it will be a short meeting, just to wish one another "Nadolig Llawen!" (Merry Christmas). If the weather is fine, we will go for walks, though we can't drive anywhere now we're in strict lockdown.

I'm hoping that things will start to improve in the New Year, though Brexit is going to make things difficult for some time, possibly decades before the UK is back to where it was before the referendum.

I may post again before Christmas, maybe not so I'll say Happy Christmas now. Hope you all have a peaceful time.

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