Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Language learning update

I'm starting to struggle now I've reached new Spanish lessons on Say Something in Spanish that I haven't done before. However, I will not be daunted! I'm just saying what I can in the gaps and hoping that when I repeat the challenge twice more, it will sink it.

I know some people who have sailed through the Say Something in Welsh challenges (same format, different language) only listening to each challenge once, but my poor short term memory, plus my age means that I need to repeat them several times.

However, I'm not repeating the challenges right away. I've devised a sort of rolling repeat pattern. Once I've finished Challenge 12, I'll go back and repeat Challenge 11, then I'll repeat 12 and push on to 13 before repeating Challenge 12 once more. I think that when I reach Challenge 15, I'll go back to Challenge 10 and repeat them all again before advancing to 16, though that will depend on how confident I'm feeling.

I'm in no rush. Even with the vaccine being rolled out, I won't be thinking of a holiday in Spain until this time next year.

Welsh is in maintenance mode over the Christmas holidays. Class restarts on 14 January and our informal chats are also taking a break over Christmas. Until the New Year, I'll just focus on watching TV in Welsh and doing some reading. I might just get out to make another video, but I'm not pushing myself over that because trying to do it when my mental energy is low would be counter productive.

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