Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Mixed veg soup

I finally plucked up the courage to look through the veg in the fridge. Sadly the couple of leeks that I'd forgotten all about and which were still in their plastic wrapper had gone slimy and were beyond saving, but the last parsnip, a chunk of swede, a couple of carrots, a potato and half the butternut squash are now a tasty veg soup. I used the juices of the roast beef we had for Christmas dinner, plus a stock cube and added some chilli powder and paprika.

We had some for lunch and it was very nice. The rest is cooling before going in the fridge to be eaten for another couple of lunches.

Earlier this morning I had hosted the Quaker Local Meeting on Zoom We are a very small meeting, so it was just the usual four of us. I then dithered briefly about going for a walk. Storm Bella passed by during the night and more storms are forecast, so there was a window of opportunity to get some exercise. G had set off earlier on his normal long walk along the Mawddach Trail. However, as the meeting hadn't gone into an extra 40 minute period, I thought there should be time to fit in a 30 minutes walk and make the soup.

That was indeed the case, so I will now settle down to doing quiet indoor stuff and I can feel virtuous about both the exercise and using up food before it was wasted.

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