Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Shopping achieved

As I half expected, the Co-op supermarket was very quiet. There were only about 6 people in there. I suspect a lot of people are still eating up all the Christmas food they bought.

We didn't need too much, just some fresh fruit & veg and meat because I already had a piece of pork in the freezer for our New Year's Day dinner and some nice wine that was part of our daughter's Christmas present. I drove the long way round via the bypass both going to the supermarket and returning home. The weather was cold and I'd put the cover on the car in case there was a frost overnight. I don't know whether it helped all that much because instead of the clear dry night with a frost that I expected (based on the forecast), it rained a bit, then froze, then started to thaw. But the ice was melting when I went to get into the car, so it wiped off the windscreen with a cloth and the cover is drying on the line at the side of the house.

I have resolved to get out and walk more. I'd had a few weeks with barely venturing out f the house. So yesterday I went UP the steep and slippery woodland path. I lost the path in the same fields as last time, but again there was a helpful family who pointed me in the right direction. Because the hill is a convex slope, you can't see one gate from another and therefore don't know which direction to head in across the large expanse of grass. Anyway, having now walked it in both directions I know the route and shouldn't get confused again, or need a helpful guide. The total distance was 2.5 miles so definitely a walk I'll do again.

Here is the field where I lost the path. This is taken looking back down. You can see the gate from here because it's the halfway point, but from that gate you can't see the top gate you need to aim for. You can't even see it from where I took the photo but as you approach the wall, you can see the guide post and the gate out of the field.

Big field

I managed to compose the shot so the setting sun was behind a tree trunk.

Tree silhouettes

And here is where the path comes out onto a small lane.

Permissive path

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