Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The 2020 weekly photo challenge is over, now for the 2021 weekly photo challenge!

At end of 2019 I flirted with the idea of doing another 365 photo project during 2020. I'd done one in 2010 and there was a certain appeal to doing another 10 years later. But a combination of a slow computer (replaced later in the year) and the realisation that just taking a photo for the sake of taking a daily photo wasn't teaching me anything, meant that I soon stopped. Committing to a weekly photo is fine (Weekly alphabet challenge on Flickr), but daily is too much of a grind. It's not just taking a photo, it's time spent deciding on a subject, processing and uploading that is the problem. I don't have easy subjects such as pets or a beautiful garden to fall back on when nothing more interesting is available.

So you can look forward to another year of weekly alphabet photos on themes set by the people who run the group. I give myself permission to take an off-topic photo if the theme proves too difficult or time is short. Obviously I don't post those to the group, but I do add them to my Flickr Album.

Here is the mosaic of all photos taken for the 52 week project this year. Of course there were many other photos too, but these were the ones taken specifically for the Weekly Alphabet Challenge.

2020 mosaic

1. Veg for soup, 2. Rushing through the rain, 3. Cold river, 4. Santes Dwynwen window, 5. Wet walk, 6. Yoda uses the force, 7. Gloomy forecast, 8. Hopeful sign of spring, 9. Car interior, 10. Selfie, 11. Knotted ivy, 12. Throw a six to start, 13. Gorse, 14. Night, 15. Obvious phone wires, 16. A doll & her pet dog, 17. A socially distanced queue, 18. Gate in a wall of rough stones, 19. Solitary walker, 20. Miniature rose, 21. Reunited socks, 22. Very vexing, 23. Morning by the river, 24. Yellow bike at Penmaenpool, 25. Variegated yarn, 26. Zooming in copy, 27. Signs of animal activity, 28. Cottage garden, 29. Selfie at the Cregennen Lakes, 30. Owls, 31. Cattle in the shade, 32. Family picnic, 33. Grasshopper, 34. I made it home before the rain!, 35. Ancient keyboard, 36. Little frog, 37. A present from my aunt, 38. The gate was locked so they broke the fence!, 39. Mysterious tower, 40. Sunlit Woods, 41. Toadstools, 42. Portent of rain, 43. Welsh Rams, 44. Crochet ripple pattern, 45. The sky today, 46. Toy wolf, 47. Co-op trilingual sign, 48. Vague sketch, 49. A warming hot drink, 50. A walk with daddy, 51. The holly and the ivy, 52. Gemini Twins, 53. 2020 My different year

If anyone is interested, here are the figures from 2020.
Total off-topic photos9Percentage off-topic17
Total missed0Percentage on-topic85
Total on-topic photos44Total photos taken53


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