Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weekly shopping update

The shelves were full, no sign of Brexit shortages. Lots of nice fresh fruit and veg, so I got some salad stuff and bananas as well as the usual "Easy Peelers" (the generic name the Co-op use for whatever little orange citrus fruits are available at the moment. Sometimes you get lots of little ones, this week it was rather fewer larger fruits.

It was really only fresh stuff I needed, plus bread and milk and more wine. The shop was fairly quiet, but there were two people who didn't seem to think that covering the nose was important when wearing a mask. Also one woman going the wrong way round the one way system.

I'm finally becoming familiar with the new layout after they moved stuff around during the refurbishment, so shopping is becoming quicker and more routine again.

In other news the crochet waistcoat is coming along nicely. It took four years to knit the sweater that is now 99% finished (just needs sewing together). The crochet waistcoat looks like it will take 4.6 weeks!

Tomorrow is 12th night so I'll be taking the Christmas decorations down. I think I may make a crochet garland to go on the blank wall which currently has the crochet garland of little Christmas trees. The room always looks so bare when the decorations are put away for another year.

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