Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Guinea pig ornament

1/52 for the group 2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: A is for Animal

The weather has been dull and cold and I've had things to do that kept me inside. I could have photographed some sheep, but distant sheep in a soggy field on a dull winter's day wouldn't have made a good photo. So in a last minute panic on the Saturday, I took a quick snap of my guinea pig ornament.

Guinea pig ornament

I've had this guinea pig for many years. Back then there was a gift shop in town (there are still lots of gift shops, but this particular shop is now an antique shop). This guinea pig appeared in the window and I couldn't help admiring it every time we passed the shop window. I had a couple of guinea pigs when I was young and I still love them. I felt this pottery ornament had captured the essence of a guinea pig perfectly, despite the lack of detail.

I hadn't meant to drop hints, but the two young people who were working as our assistants at the youth hostel presented it to me for my birthday. I have cherished it ever since.

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