Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Quick shopping and egret update

As I think I've said before, I post these shopping updates because the Co-op and Eurospar are the only places where I'm venturing indoors with other people. As I don't have the covid tracking app on my phone, I like to note where I went and when, just in case.

So this morning I did a quick walk into town to get pizzas, the local paper and a couple of other things at the Co-op. I also popped into the hardware shop en route to get rubber gloves, a couple of paintbrushes, and bags for the Henry vacuum cleaner. I was pleased to see that they are taking social distancing and mask wearing seriously.

In the Co-op, because I was in a hurry, I ventured to use the self-service checkout. They are new since the major refurb. I'm rather ambivalent about them because it's obviously a way to reduce staffing, though having said that, whenever we've used them when away on holiday, we've often had to have a staff member come over to check we're not underage when we're trying to buy a bottle of wine. Next time I use one I must see if I can get it to speak Welsh. :-)

I would normally have gone to the kiosk, but there were a couple of people already waiting at the counter and I wanted to be quick because I needed to be back by 10.30 to phone my elderly friend M so we could do the crossword and zygolex word puzzle together. That done, I also managed to solve the word wheel anagram. For this puzzle you're given 9 letters and have to make as many words (with 3 or more letters) as you can out of them. There is always one word that uses all the letters. I've noticed that I can either see the word almost immediately (in this case it was "attenuate") or I just can't get it at all and have to cheat with the anagram solver app.

Re the egret, G went for a walk along by the estuary this afternoon and reported that he saw more of them. They are definitely heron size, he says, so that does sound like great egrets. If it's not too cold, I may go for a bike ride on Sunday in search of them.

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