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I finally forced myself out for a walk today, despite the rain. In fact it wasn't too bad once I got out into it, and wasn't this what I bought all that new waterproof gear for after all?

I explored a new route. I think one of the reasons I've been less than enthusiastic about exercise recently is that I've been going round the same few walks for the past 2 years. It made a change to go somewhere slightly different.

However, note to self: If you do this walk again, wear wellies or wait until after a period of severe drought.

Yes, it was very boggy in places and my efforts to skim lightly over the surface of the boggy bits, Legolas fashion, weren't totally successful. *g*

I explored a lane that I haven't been down for about 15 years and spotted a footpath leading in more or less the right direction. It was one of those walks that are easy to find going one way, but would have looked completely unpromising if attempted in the other direction as the path just disappeared into a boggy field. Yes, I have used the word boggy rather a lot, in case you hadn't noticed.

I did find the most weird wood. I was walking carefully down the wet and slippery track when I became aware that the trees on my right was an almost luminous green. And I mean the trunks and branches were green; the leaves weren't yet out. The whole tree was coated with a layer of very green moss, which in the dull light almost seemed to glow. But to my left, all the trees were totally black. Bare black trunks and branches. It was like an enchanted wood out of a Victorian fairy tale, with the path marking some kind of boundary between good elves and bad elves.

Of course I hadn't bothered to take my camera, owing to it being so wet and grey.

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