Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Top-up shop achieved

I do a quick top-up shop on Fridays to pick up the local paper and buy pizzas, which are our regular end-of-the-week easy dinner. I had planned to walk up to the Eurospar, which is a little further, and I wanted to post the cheque to pay the garage for the new battery. However, as I walked through the centre of town to the Post Office, a couple of workmen were standing right next to the post box. One was talking on the phone and he obviously wasn't local because he couldn't pronounce the name of our town. So without thinking, I carried on past, clutching the letter in my hand.

Before I reached the bridge, I realised that a) I hadn't posted the letter and b) I didn't want to have to go so close to two other people. So I doubled back, meaning to post it in the box next to the Sospan cafe, only to discover that that box is out of use. The slot is taped shut, presumably because it's too close to the outdoor tables the Sospan cafe has put out on the pavement. So I had to walk up to the Old Post Office (now just the sorting office) and posted the letter there. I was now much nearer to the Co-op than to Eurospar, so I did my top-up shop there instead.

We have some good news here about the vaccine roll out. Two of my elderly friends have now had their first dose and I've heard of other elderly people and also health care workers receiving their vaccinations. I'd been hearing on the news that 10% of the UK population have been vaccinated, but now I actually know people who have had the jab, it's easier to believe.

Language learning update: I'm still plodding through the Spanish Say Something in Spanish challenges. I have struggled my way through challenge 16 and will repeat challenge 15 next before attempting challenge 16 again. Audio only is not the best way of learning for me, but I've seen so many people succeed with this method and Say Something in Welsh really helped my fluency, therefore I will persevere. I may start using some flashcards as well though to see if that will help the phrases to stick.

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