Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Clean all the things!

Well, I've not yet quite reached the cleaning stage, but I woke up this morning and looked around and went: Arrrrgh! This clutter has to go!

I've done about an hour of shredding old papers and I'll do a bit more when I've done the homework for Welsh class tomorrow. What I've finally plucked up the courage to shred are the notes and notebooks from when I was writing fiction. Any stories worth writing are on my computer hard drive. The pages of jottings, scrappy ideas and vague notes (some of which don't even mean anything any more) can go.

I'm also making inroads into my wool stash. I bought far too much when I was crocheting and knitting a lot, then I had a long period without making any progress with anything, but I've got back into it and just last week finished a sleeveless cardigan. I made up the pattern using stitches from a couple of crochet books I have.

Crochet cardigan

I've now started another cardigan which I hope won't take too long.

One reason for the urge to declutter is that I need a place to make videos indoors. I'm working on a video about how to use the Say Something In... language learning method if you have a poor memory and I need to do some talking direct to camera rather than doing a voice over shots of nice views. In the past I've used the bookcase in the conservatory as a background, but that's only possible if G is out having a walk as otherwise he's just a few feet away on the other side of what used to be an exterior window. This would be distracting for both of us and I am completely unable to talk to the camera if anyone is nearby. So, to give me more flexibility with shooting videos indoors, I need to contrive a suitable background in my tiny and extremely cluttered study.

In other news, the shopping trip to the Co-op yesterday was fine. There were no food shortages and on the way there I put more diesel in the car. I think this is only the third time I have bought diesel since this time last year.

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