Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Top-up shop

I do a small top-up shop on either Thursday or Friday. This is to get pizzas (for Friday dinner) but mostly to pick up the local paper which comes out weekly on a Thursday. Friday has been pizza night for years, but we could have moved pizza night. However, I like to support the local paper and also keep up with local news, so that means popping out at the end of the week.

Today I also needed to pick up my tablets from the chemist's. I was fretting because I hadn't had a text to say they were ready and I needed to start a new pack on Sunday. In the past I'd taken the repeat prescription and then dropped it in myself about a week before the tablets ran out, but Boots have an automatic ordering system which they kept encouraging me to use, so last time I collected the tablets, I asked to go onto it. It will save one visit to the chemist's every time I renew the prescription. I do feel the shop is high risk because ill people might be trying to self-medicate for covid and the shop is quite cramped. So this was the first time using the automated system and, as I said, they hadn't notified me that the tablets were ready to collect. I'd very soon convinced myself that I hadn't been put in the system properly and I would run out of tablets... and... and... You know how the worry wheel goes?

Finally I got a grip and told myself firmly that if I popped in today, either the tablets would be ready or they wouldn't be. If they were ready, I would collect them. If they weren't they could tell me when they would be ready or sort out the problem if their automatic system had not worked.

I called in, asked if my prescription was ready... and was promptly handed the package of medication. All that fretting for nothing!

Next stop was the Co-op for pizzas, the paper and a dessert. I walked briskly round the shop, collected what I needed and ventured to use the self-service checkout again. It worked fine, I took my bag and set off home.

I had gone about 100 metres when I realised I hadn't checked out the dessert. The two small cherry tarts were in a black package, which had nestled itself down and camouflaged itself at the bottom of the black plastic basket. I hesitated. To go back, or to forget about them?

It felt awkward to go back, but unless an assistant rescued the tarts and returned them to the chilled cabinet, they would spoil and be wasted. Also they looked very nice and it would be a shame to not have them.

I went back and they were still in the basket, so I quickly checked them out and paid for them and then, finally, walked home.

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