Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weather is horrible

First thing this morning I was dithering about where I would do the Friday top-up shop. I needed to buy a birthday card for eldest granddaughter and a condolences card for my step-brother. (Officially he is a step-brother, but as my father remarried in his late-50s, Paul doesn't feel like a brother, just an acquaintance.) The Eurospar has a better selection of greetings cards and also has bigger and cheaper packets of G's favourite cereal, but the Co-op is nearer and I prefer their pizzas.

I also had to decide whether I would walk or drive. The rain sounded heavy on the conservatory roof, so I thought I might drive and quickly visit both shops. But when I got in the car there was a warning light on the dashboard when I switched on the engine. Now yesterday a neighbour had unsettled me as we were bringing in the wheelie bins by asking if one of the tyres was flat. I had poked the tyre and said I thought it was just the way the car was standing (the tarmac in our car parking area is getting a bit worn and rutted), so when I saw the red light, I assumed it was a tyre warning. I quickly looked in the handbook, but it was too complicated to take in quickly and I needed to shop quickly before the regular phone chat with my elderly friend M. After wondering whether I could risk driving such a short distance, despite the warning light, I got out of the car and walked in instead.

It was a good decision in terms of getting exercise because I have not been out hardly this week and haven't been walking anywhere. The rain wasn't actually all that hard and I bought what I needed, including the cards and wrote and posted E's card before walking home. The rain has been torrenting down this afternoon and it's very windy, so I couldn't have fitted in a walk this afternoon.

So I phoned M and we chatted and did the crossword and I've been doing stuff online and then, finally, I settled down to read the car's handbook properly.

It turns out the warning light was just the handbrake light. How have I not noticed it before!! If I'd taken the chance and set off to drive, the moment I took the handbrake off, the light would have gone out and I'd have realised what it was. I now feel rather stupid, but it just shows a) how little I've driven this car since we got it at the end of 2019, b) that once I get worried about something, I catastrophise and convince myself there's something seriously wrong.

Anyway, I've now familiarised myself with all the important warning lights so I will know them if they pop up. :-)

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