Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Quick update

I haven't posted to LJ all week. That's partly because I hadn't taken the weekly photo and ended up snapping a desperation shot yesterday at the very last minute. I can't blame the weather either because it's been lovely. But have I been out for a walk? No, I haven't.

I did the usual weekly shop last Tuesday and visited both the Eurospar and the Co-op, then did the quick top-op shop in the Co-op on Friday. I think I will keep to that pattern, though I won't need to visit the Eurospar every week, just when I need nice local eggs or the Perl Wen cheese or the local Welsh language monthly newspaper.

It was a rather stressful week. I was over the covid jab side effects by Monday, but it was my husband's birthday on Wednesday and he's always been a bit weird about birthdays. I think it's mostly that he doesn't like a fuss. I don't do anything for his birthday, no present, no card so he doesn't feel pressured, but he was 70 this time and the children wanted to make it a bit special. They did stick to sending food presents and the posh burger kit our daughter ordered for us was quite easy to prepare and was very tasty indeed. There was enough for 4 burgers, so the spare burgers, buns and cheese are in the freezer for another time. Our son sent a hamper of various food treats.

I'm hoping that things have calmed down again now after the birthday stress and I did make some progress with working out how to shoot a video in my tiny study, so that means I can get on with the next video for YouTube.

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