Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It's still raining

It was dry this morning, so I managed to walk into town to do the top-up shop in the Co-op. I've started using the self-service checkouts for the quick shop to avoid queuing at the kiosk. So today, having now practised for a few weeks with the self-service checkout, I ventured to switch the language to Welsh! Yay! I'm also getting a bit faster and using it so it doesn't keep nagging at me to "Put the item in the bag."

I then phoned my elderly friend and we did the crossword and zygolex puzzle from the Independent. M told me she'd had another fall, which is worrying, especially as the helper who comes each week to do her shopping, cleaning and generally help out didn't make it this week. M is determined to keep on living independently, but I don't know who long she'll be able to keep doing it, especially as her helper has health problems of her own.

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