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A few random things make a post

Shopping this morning has been achieved, but the mask wearing and social distancing was pretty bad. Possibly I was in the Co-op a little later than usual because I did pop into Eurospar first (very quiet) to get a few things that the Co-op doesn't sell. There were two couples wandering around discussing what to buy. The sign by the door says to please shop alone. I think one couple (in their 70s?) might not have been local because they didn't see to know where things were and the woman said, on rounding the end of the shelves,"Ah, here's the milk!" All the regulars know exactly where the milk is. Someone jumping the gun and coming to a second home, perhaps?

The couple stood around, blocking the aisle until I had to almost force my way past with my trolley to overtake and get round more quickly than the tediously slow pace they were setting. Then there were two people who didn't seem to think that the nose had anything to do with the respiratory system and therefore didn't need covering, plus a man who was wearing his mask on his chin. I don't know whether the older people think that now they've had the first dose of the vaccine, mask wearing and social distancing is no longer required, but it was a frustrating shopping trip. I must set off earlier next week.

Decluttering progress report: The decluttering of the study is going well. I did lots of sorting and shredding of papers at the end of last month and the beginning of this month. For the last week or so I've been focusing on the various sewing and crochet projects that have been sitting around for far too long. The sweater is now being sewn together, so in a day or so I'll actually be able to wear it! There are a few sewing projects that I'd like to clear before the end of the month too.

In his book The Art of Procrastination John Perry talks about being a horizontal organiser -- and that's me. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind, so I want/need all my current projects out and visible. This makes the room look cluttered, but is reasonably OK if the projects get worked on and finished, but if they stall, everything just builds up. Also if I put things in my study "so I don't forget to do this", it adds to the heaps. So... The long-term project is to clear stuff that's lying around by doing whatever needs doing to it and then finding better ways to manage stuff in the future.

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