Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A forest walk

Last Monday, after months of lockdown and having to "stay at home", we were finally allowed to "stay local". We'd been able to walk as far as we liked, but had to start and finish at our front door, which limited my range somewhat. Anyway, G wanted to be dropped off at a neighbouring village so he could walk back home over the mountain. In normal times he would have got the bus, but we're still avoiding public transport. Besides, it gave me the change to have a little walk in the forest.

From the car park, you cross the bridge over the river...

Over the bridge to the forest

The auto-focus decided it preferred the ivy growing over the bridge to focusing further away, but I think it works. Once over the bridge, you cross an open field and the weather treated me to a blue sky!

Blue sky!

I don't know what the numbers mean. I also don't know why the felled trees were not taken away for processing. There were quite a few big stacks of tree trunks that look as though they've been there for some time. Possibly the lockdown happened? Though the felling and transport of the timber has continued in other nearby forests.

Numbered logs

A winding forest track with more timber stacks. This was taken on the way back. I only walked outward for about 15 minutes and then retraced my steps. We may go back next week and walk to the waterfalls, weather permitting.

Forest track

If I hadn't walked this path on the way out, I'd probably have missed the sharp turn and steep bank down to the footpath.

There's the path!

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