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More on food and revising

It seems that davidlevine's comments on food were not intended to be as prescriptive as they appeared. I suspected that they were inteded to apply to his WIP rather than be general advice, but I think some of
Caro Clarke's absolutism here
(scroll down to the end) had sneaked over into David's post because she *does*. She allows the inclusion of food very grudgingly and only in extreme circumstances. Also, I'm not quite sure what would be left of any of my stories if I took out everything she suggests. Not much, I think.

In fact of all the useful suggestions by the various people on that page, I would want to slap huge caveats all over hers before letting any of my students read them. The advice presumably applies to her own first drafts or she wouldn't suggest it, but it would destroy some excellent early drafts I've seen from other people.

If someone writes overlong, slow stories with repetitive and bland description and waffly dialogue taking place over endless meals, then her advice is just the ticket. But otherwise I would say ignore everything she says. *g*

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