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Weather changeable

I went out around 10 a.m. to shoot some clips for my next video. Photographer me was thinking, "Oh, wow! This storm-light is wonderful!" and then another, more sensible, me thought, "Ooo, er... Does this bode well?" I carried on, but then it started to snow/sleet. There was nowhere to shelter to wait it out so I came back. Of course now it's all glorious sunshine and fluffy white clouds, but I'm too tired now to go out again. I have quite a bit more to film so I'll do it over another couple of days. Besides, I wanted to post the photos from yesterday.

Here are the sunlit woods near the start of the walk from Ganllwyd.

Sunlit woods

There's a steep but easy to follow path that leads up to these waterfalls. The previous waterfall I posted a photo of was a "pistyll" (narrow stream of water), this is a "rhaeadr" (a broader and more tumbling waterfall). It's called Raeadr Ddu (Black Waterfall), which follows the usual Welsh naming convention, i.e. just describe what you see.

Rhaeadr Ddu

We then carried on up the path above the waterfalls and decided to take a route that led over a stile. Very soon we had to leave the path to negotiate a couple of fallen trees that must have come down in the winter storms. It was a bit scrambly, but we managed it. The path then soon joined a broad forestry track that led back to the village. However, after crossing this river over the modern bridge and not over the stepping stones, we left the forestry track and took a short cut down a green lane.

Stepping stones

Until the forestry road was constructed, this would have been the main route up to the various houses dotted around the hillside above.

Green lane

A Welsh ewe and her two lambs.

Ewe & lambs

From this point it wasn't far to the village where we'd parked the car.

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