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Was Jack the Ripper a Welshman?

I received a slightly confused account of this story from G when I arrived home last night, so I did a bit of googling...

There are dangers in researching ones family history as Tony Williams discovered. For example one can discover that one's ancestors were not very nice people. At least he has managed to write a book about his claim that Jack the Ripper was none other than his great-uncle. The brief details contained in the information about the book certainly sound convincing, but the National Library of Wales remain unconvinced and seem decidedly unamused at the suggestion that their founder was a multiple murderer.

However that Dr John Williams is not to be confused with this Dr John Williams, after whom our local school was named. It is no longer a school, but the Dr Williams fund remains and gives small grants to local youngsters for various things. (Our daughter has in fact benefited from it.) The building, however, is now the local tertiary college where my husband teaches. But he can rest easy knowing that the college wasn't founded by a serial killer as he initially thought (I said that I'd received a garbled version of the tale!). It was founded by a Samuel Holland and named after Dr Williams, presumably in his honour because the school opened the year he died.

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