Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Old hiking boots

15/52 for the group 2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's topic was: O is for Old

Why is it that one's hiking boots are at their most comfortable when they're old and well worn and on the point of falling apart or starting to leak? These are still OK, but I think I need to buy a new pair before too long.

Old hiking boots

In addition to taking my hiking boots out into the front garden for a photoshoot, I have nipped into town to do a quick top-up shop (why were there hardly any pizzas?), phoned my elderly friend to do the crossword together, sewn the final side seams on the last of the new face masks I've made, watched a couple of YouTube videos, downloaded and processed this photo, made some soup for lunch, ordered a new watch strap, and changed the time on the clock in the car!. Yes, I finally got around to moving the hour forward on the dashboard clock. :-)

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