Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Another walk, another waterfall

On Monday G and I went for another local walk. It was just a short drive to the small carpark at the start of the walk leading to the Roman Steps. This is a steep and narrow pass over the Rhinogs and which leads eventually to the coast. We just walked a short way up the path as far as this waterfall which is Pistyll Gwyn. So we have Rhaeadr Ddu (Broad Black Waterfall) and Pistyll Gwyn (Narrow White Waterfall). The colour relates to the colour of the rock because obviously the foaming water is white in both cases!

Pistyll Gwyn

On the way to and from the waterfall we saw a cute donkey and small Shetland pony grazing together. On the way back, at the farm where the pony and donkey lived, a young sheepdog came out and wriggled at our feet until we'd petted it. It was very good and didn't try to follow us and simply trotted back into the farmyard. I do worry about petting random dogs, even if they're exceedingly friendly because sometimes they think you look as though you're off on a jolly adventure and they'd like to come along too please!

Today's walk didn't go as well. It did for G who had decided to walk all the way to Barmouth (10 miles) and I'd agreed to drive there to pick him up because we're still not using public transport. I had the Welsh cafe chat on Skype first but the plan was I'd arrive early and have a walk on the prom and eat a picnic lunch while I waited for him to arrive. However, as I was driving into the town, I passed G already almost at the car park! So I didn't get my walk or my picnic on the prom. :-(

This is not the first time he's done that, so next time I'll deduct 30 minutes from whatever he gives me as the expected arrival time.

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