Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

12 Rabbits of worry

I've been watching some horse training videos on YouTube for reasons that I may explain in the future, or I may never mention it again :-), but I've discovered a horse trainer called Warwick Schiller and yesterday I watched a video in which he talked about a horse's "worry cup".

Today I realised this also applies to humans. It's been a mildly stressful week. nothing major, though I did "attend" a funeral on Tuesday which I watched via a video feed. I'm just feeling a little weary of my weekly routine. When I started the Skype group I never expected to have to keep it up for more than 12 months but I haven't missed a week. The same applies to the weekly Sunday morning Zoom Quaker meeting which I've mostly hosted. Also yesterday was frustrating because I drove to the coast but didn't get my walk and G seemed a little agitated (possibly because he had the appointment for his second covid vaccination today). There was nothing I could point at to account for feeling tense and even on the edge of tears at times (usually a sign of tiredness), but like the horse in the video that could cope with up to 12 rabbits popping out of the grass unexpectedly, but spooked at the 13th, I'd obviously reached my stress limit.

After a brisk walk in the sunshine to do the top-up shop in the Co-op while my husband got jabbed with the second dose of vaccine, I feel a lot better. Some of that stress has gone. But in future I will think of stress in terms of rabbits. I'm pleased to say that my stress level is back down to around 5 or 6 rabbits at the moment.

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