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A woodland walk

I'm slowly getting fitter. I've done quite a bit of gardening over the weekend. Over the last 3 days I cut the back and front grass and today we did a 4.5 mile walk in the forest on the other side of the estuary. It is lovely being able to drive a few miles before starting our walks. It gives us so much more choice.

Our walk this morning took us round some of the forest tracks in Cwm-mynach. The Woodland Trust are gradually replacing the conifers with native broadleaved trees. Cwm-mynach means "monk's valley" and once upon a time it was owned by the monks of nearby Cymer Abbey.

IMG_0610 forest track copy

The Woodland Trust bought the valley around 10 years ago and their project is to replace these...

IMG_0611 pine forest copy

... with native broadleaved trees, hence all the felling operations. These logs must have been very recently cut because they still smelled resiny.

IMG_0620 logging copy

Most of the walk was along the broad forestry tracks, but we cut across the steep valley via this footpath. This shot is looking back just after we'd crossed the footbridge. The arrow give a general idea of where you're supposed to head. The path was OK today but would be horribly steep and slippery after rain.

IMG_0616 bridge copy

This photo shows one of the cleared areas with the new baby trees in their protective tubes.

IMG_0623 new planting copy

They are not clear felling the lot, but clearing and then replanting a small area at a time. This seems like a much better policy as the mature trees will provide some shelter for the saplings until they're big enough to fend for themselves.

Looking across the end of the lake at Diffwys. We've been up there in the past in search of the manganese mines.

Diffwys & Llyn Cwm-mynach

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