Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Ripe bananas

18/52 for the group 2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: R is for Ripe

I don't get bananas every week because my husband doesn't eat them and I have to eat them all. But I fancied a bunch as a change and they were perfect for this week's theme. The question now is, can I eat them all before they go overripe?

Ripe bananas

Anyway, it was another successful shopping trip this morning. The worst of the rain had passed over, so I didn't even get wet.

I didn't need all that much, mostly fruit and veg and some meat. I accidentally bought welshcakes with chocolate chips in them. I don't mind them, but they're not really right, they should have dried fruit in them not chocolate. G says they're too sweet for his taste. The thing was, the first shelf that normally contains welshcakes was empty. The Co-op stocks two different brands and both are fine, but I failed to notice that the ones on the second display stand were the chocolate chip ones because they were low down on the bottom shelf. Having picked them up, I didn't feel I could put them back because some people are funny about things being touched due to Covid. Personally I'm not worried about touching things (though I do wash my hands as soon as I step through the front door after a shopping trip), but a lot of people haven't got the memo about covid being airborne rather than spread by contact. I will have to get some normal welshcakes on my top-up shop on Thursday.

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