Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It's Tuesday, it's shopping day

LiveJournal seems a bit wobbly today. I had problems this morning, which was a bit worrying because I needed to pay for another year. I know that English language LJ is a shadow of its former self, but it's still a favourite of mine and I post here far more than I post to Facebook. I do read my friends and family's posts on FB every day and I comment quite a bit, but I rarely post. After checking with Down Right Now, which confirmed that it wasn't just me having a problem, I did manage to access LJ later and pay.

In other news, I did the usual weekly shop this morning. The Co-op looked as though it had been attacked by a plague of locusts. The shelves looked rather empty, a result of fine weather and a Bank Holiday weekend with hordes of people flocking to the coast and beauty spots. However, I got everything I needed and so the fridge and store cupboard are replenished.

Since then I have worked a little on my latest video and closed and renewed my challenges in Habitica. This is a monthly ritual and is rather time consuming because I have to find a winner for the prize gems. I also need to finish strimming the front grass. I did 35 minutes yesterday and cut more than half, but it needs finishing today because it will rain tomorrow afternoon. Actually, no, it doesn't. The forecast for tomorrow has improved and it will be fine all day. So I may leave it. We shall see...

[Added later]

I decided to leave the grass until Thursday. Tomorrow I will be going to meet friends face-to-face for the first time since March 2020. As the weather is fine, we're going to do the Welsh "cafe" chat in a garden belonging to one of the group. As she lives in the middle of nowhere in a forest, I just hope I don't get lost!

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