Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Feeling rather flat and unmotivated

Possibly it's just post-project completion (I finished the latest video on Monday and got it uploaded and publicised), but I have felt flat and unmotivated both yesterday and today.

Yesterday was shopping day. The Co-op did rather look as though a plague of locusts horde of tourists had been through it. Lots of rather sparse shelves and some items completely missing, but I got everything I needed, so it was OK. Today the Welsh chat group was once again on Skype, so speaking Welsh for 1 hour 20 minutes is quite tiring. But after feeling fairly optimistic about the possibility of covid being on the wane, the Zoe weekly update was pretty downbeat as Professor Tim Spector looked at how quickly the Delta (previously Indian) variant is spreading in the UK.

Also concerning was the news from one of the other members of the Welsh chat group that a young woman who used to come to our Welsh class and her young daughter both had covid. They live in in a tiny village a few miles from town, but her mother came to visit from London over the half-term holiday last week and brought it with her. The main worry is that the mother has had two doses of the vaccine and A has had one. Neither are seriously ill, but I'd rather not be ill at all. So any thoughts about possibly having a meal out -- something I had started to contemplate -- have been put on hold again and I have reverted to ultra-cautious mode, especially as we get lots of tourists from the places in the NW of England where infections are rising steeply.

However, in more positive news, we got our front wall repaired. It's a dry stone wall that must have been built by the builders who built this row of houses rather than people who actually know how to build dry stone walls properly. We've lived here since 1984 and it's been fine until now, so possibly someone reversed into it while backing into our parking area (something delivery drivers tend to do), but for whatever reason, a corner had started to collapse and we were worried that more stones would fall out if something wasn't done. It only took the chap an hour to put everything back securely, so that was good.

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