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Would I buy books?

I've just got back from a lovely day in Hay-on-Wye. It's becoming a family tradition that each summer we pick a place we haven't been before that is roughly equidistant between my home and my brother's. Equidistant in the sense that it'll take us roughly the same time to drive there. So I suppose I really mean equitempus or isochronus or something. Anyway Last year we went to Ludlow, this year we chose Hay-on-Wye, famous for having lots of bookshops.

As I already have a To Read list as long as my arm (at the last count it was standing at around 40 books), I didn't buy any books. Not really. Not to speak of.

What I bought in Hay:

The Danger
Barchester Towers
The Way We Live Now
The Moonstone
The Woman in White
Wives and Daughters
The Seeing Stone
At the Crossing Places
Charmed Life
The Lives of Christopher Chant

Francis, Dick
Francis, Dick
Francis, Dick
Francis, Dick
Trollope, Anthony
Trollope, Anthony
Collins, Wilkie
Collins, Wilkie
Gaskell, Elizabeth
Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Diana Wynne-Jones
Diana Wynne-Jones

And The practice of Zen Meditation, but non-fiction doesn't count as that's for reference.

It was a good day. I arrived first, which was a little unnerving because I'm usually the last to arrive everywhere I go. I bought a car parking ticket, then went and bought a tea-towel, vaguely wondering whether I'd made a mistake over the day as I was 15 minutes late, yet there was still no sign of my brother and his family. To my relief, they arrived shortly after, and we had a good day wandering around bookshops, having lunch, wandering around more bookshops, walking by the river and having afternoon tea.

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