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Goals for 2004-05

OK, I admit it. I am a sucker for Help Yourself books. I probably get it from my dad who had a little row of the Pelman Institute's Pelmanism books on the booshelf.

From an ad for the Pelman Institute on the inside front cover of a wartime Penguin edition of _Cold Comfort Farm_:

"A mind that balks at sticking to one thing for more than a few minutes surely cannot be depended upon to get you anywhere in your years of life! The tragedy of it all is this: you know that you have within you the intelligence, the earnestness, and the ability that can take you right to the high place you want to reach in life! What is wrong? What's holding you back? Just one fact - one scientific fact. That is all. Because, as Science says, you are using only one-tenth of your real brain-power!"


"Take up Pelmanism now! A course of Pelmanism brings out the mind's latent powers and develops them to the highest point of efficiency. It banishes Mind Wandering, Inferiority, and Indecision, and in their place develops Optimism, Concentration, and Reliability, all qualities of the utmost value in any walk of life."

Anyway, I digress...

So a couple of years ago I sat down with either Eat That Frog! or possibly Organising from the Inside Out or it could have been How To Get Organized When You Don't Have the Time (see I said I was a sucker for Self Help books) and worked out my various goals. This happened to be in April, so each year I try to review my annual goals and set new targets.

Thoughts after reviewing my goals for last year

On the Health front I do need to lose the 4-5lbs that have sneaked back on. The reason for weight gain is letting the healthy eating slip a little, but mostly due to being very bad at fitting in the exercise over the past winter.

With regard to writing I had hoped to have finished the first draft of Moving a Mountain by now. I am actually approximately 17,000 words short. I had also planned to write and submit 4 short stories, but only wrote one new one, though I did polish up nd submit a couple of older stories. No success with placing them though.

Goals for the year May 2005 - April 2006

Health & fitness:

  • Exercise more. Have been bad this winter and become slobbish and idle.

  • Also need to focus more on the food I'm eating and adhere more strictly to the low sugar diet. Don't eat icecream every day!

  • Eat more fresh vegetables.


  • Finish first draft of Moving a Mountain by WorldCon in Glasgow (August)

  • Complete major revisions and have a coherent 2nd draft by 31 Dec 2005

  • Put novel through Critters Jan 2006

  • Polish novel and begin submitting to publishers/agents Feb/Mar 2006

  • Do Open University course A176: Start Writing Plays Summer 2005 (For help with structure and theme and you never know, I might write radio plays sometime.)

  • Do OU course AT272: Ancient and Medieval Cities: A technological history in the autumn. (Because it looks interesting and useful for a fantasy writer and it will give me the 10 points needed to round up my total gained from short courses to a useful 30.

  • Begin OU course A215: Creative Writing in Feb 2006.

Other goals relating to progress with the house decluttering are so dull I won't mention them here, but they're in my project file. Really the only thing I need to do in order to make useful progress with most of my targets is to stop sitting at the computer and do more useful things at weekends. QED.
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