Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It's Tuesday, it's the day for the weekly shop

So, to the Co-op for the big food shop of the week. The car was fine, no warning lights and the steering felt perfectly normal.

The Co-op was quiet and I got everything I wanted. Afterwards, I drove the long way round via the bypass to pop into the Eurospar for their nice eggs, G's favourite cereal, gammon and the ham that I forget to get in the Co-op. Or rather I didn't forget, I just decided I fancied some long after I'd passed the chilled meats fridge and couldn't be bothered to go back round the one-way system.

We will hear tomorrow whether and by how much the Welsh government are going to relax covid rules such as social distancing and compulsory mask wearing. I'm hoping they won't. From what has emerged so far, they are certainly not going to just absolve themselves from all responsibility, which is the line Johnson and the Tory government are taking.

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