Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It will be too hot all week

According to the forecast, it will be ridiculously hot until the weekend. This morning I spent three-quarters of an hour pulling up weeks from the back lawn grass and then spent the rest of the morning trying to cool down. I will go a little earlier than usual tomorrow for the weekly shop. The schools seem to have broken up for the summer, so the Co-op won't be full of school kids buying snacks.

In other news, I have made good progress with planning the novella that I intend to write in Welsh. I have occasionally contemplated writing fiction again, but it seemed a bit pointless, despite me telling myself that writing just for myself, for the intellectual challenge, is fine. I've tried writing in Welsh before and it was too hard. However, after more than a year of writing scripts for my YouTube videos, plus another 18 months of speaking and reading Welsh, I think this time I could do it.

The final push was a friend setting up a Facebook group to do NaNoWriMo. As it won't be an official group, we aren't bound by the rules so I can set a much lower word count. I'm hoping to start actually writing some words before November, but as it's much more of an effort to write in Welsh than in English, I am outlining this story rather than my usual method of doing what often amounts to a giant freewrite, but then involves throwing lots of words away. The end/resolution came to me this morning and I have notes on the beginning, so I just need some middle.

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