Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A walk in the woods

I want to film a video at a nearby seaside place, but the tide wasn't cooperating so instead G took me on a walk through a wood I hadn't visited before. We drove to the well known George III hotel, parked in the free car park and crossed the toll bridge (30p per person on foot) to the other side of the estuary.

View from toll bridge.

The George III Hotel

Next we climbed a short way up the narrow and steep lane before turning right onto a footpath. More climbing and then we reached a more level bit.

Sunlit forest

The path we were following was originally made by miners as they made their way to the goldmine. The quartz boulder is a sign that veins of quartz run through the rocks nearby.

Quartz boulder

G had said there was a waterfall in the woods which he likened to a miniature version of the Reichenbach Falls, but it was getting rather hot and it had been uphill all the way, so we turned back when we reached this entrance to one of the goldmines. There was a delicious cold draught blowing out of the hill.

Goldmine entrance

As you can see, as we returned along the lane leading to the toll bridge, the tide was right in.

Hight tide, Mawddach Estuary

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