Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

More decluttering

Because of covid, you can't just drop into the Red Cross charity shop at any time and hand over donations like you used to be able to. You need to phone and arrange a day and time. My dislike of making phone calls is both a nuisance and irrational, because when I can bring myself to do it, there are very rarely any problems and it is very efficient. Anyway, a quick phone call on Monday was all it took to arrange to drop the bags of items off at 2 p.m. Wednesday (yesterday).

To be honest, I think some of these new covid rules could be worth keeping permanently. It must help the volunteers to know when items will arrive and they can arrange drop-offs to be at a time that will be convenient, rather than have someone just turn up in the shop to hand stuff over. Speaking personally, it also means that, having arranged to do it, I will make sure that I do actually go and get the job done rather than procrastinating.

It was a fine sunny afternoon, so I walked in to town, arrived on time, rang the bell at the back door of the shop and handed over the donations. I then popped into the ironmongers/general hardware store to buy rubber gloves, a new wooden spatula and two mugs. It was rather busier than I liked, but there was a one-way system and everyone was masked. I deliberately paid in cash because we keep using coins in car parks and I needed to replenish the coin supply. I haven't bought anything with cash since early in 2020. I rarely use cash anyway, but with not going in the cafe, I've been paying for everything by card.

To change the subject entirely, LiveJournal was mentioned on BBC Radio 4 yesterday! There's a series called "My teenage diary" where well known people read extracts from their old diaries and chat with the presenter about their early life, loves and ambitions. Yesterday's guest was so young he was a teenager in 2004 and his "diary" was on LJ. They gave the impression that LJ was long gone. Little do they know that it's still going. :-)

Link here to the programme in case anyone is interested...

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