Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weekly shopping report

After a few days of heavy rain, today turned sunny after an initial shower. I drove to the Co-op and was rather dismayed on entering the store to see empty fruit and veg shelves and an empty meat fridge. There was, however, a Co-op lorry in the car park and staff were starting to re-stock, so I went round the shop once and got the non-perishable stuff and then went back round to the chilled meat cabinets and found some chicken and some lamb steaks.

The shop was quiet and everyone was properly masked, so that was good. Of course according to the Brexiters on Twitter, these empty shelves are just a figment of my imagination and any photos anyone posts are old and date from the panic buying at the start of the pandemic. It could be that they're lucky and genuinely haven't seen shortages, or they're lying. It's not just the stores either. I have friends who rely on supermarket deliveries and they have been reporting far more missing items and substitutions that is normal.

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