Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A productive morning

Today was shopping day, so I went to the Co-op as usual this morning. Food supplies were OK today and I got everything I needed. After I'd driven home and put everything away, G came with me to the recycling centre (pre-booked a few days ago) to get rid of the old dehumidifier.

It had done well. I acquired it when we cleared our Dad's bungalow when he moved into residential care a few years ago. I don't know how long he'd had it, but my brother had put it in the skip and I rescued it and took it home. It turned out to be just what we needed to keep the conservatory free from damp and it enabled me to dry laundry, even when it was raining outside. It seemed almost magical the way it could pull litres of water out of the air. Unfortunately it must have been leaking at some point before I acquired it because the wooden case was rotting down in one corner and one of its wheels was wobbly. Then the wheel dropped off and I have to put something underneath to keep it level. And then I said to myself, this is stupid! Using this old dehumidifier has demonstrated that we genuinely need one. Why am I struggling with this ancient model when we can easily afford a new one? Hence our recent purchase of a brand new machine.

The new booking system at the recycling centre meant we had to wait for a few minutes before they let us in because they now only allow 4 cars in at a time.

With the dehumidifier safely disposed of, I popped into the Eurospar (which is next door to the recycling centre) on the way home to get eggs, G's favourite cereal and some of the nice gammon and chicken breasts that they sell.

Then after lunch I felt very sleepy. I've read some of the Welsh novel, which I'm really enjoying and did some Habitican modding (closing old and abandoned challenges). I'll see if I can find a YouTube video to watch while I do a bit of crocheting before making dinner.

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