Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Meeting indoors, very cautiously

Yesterday we held our local Quaker meeting at my elderly friend's house. Even if we had all attended, there would only have been 6 of us, as it was, there were only four. I wore a mask during the silent worship, as did one other. We're all double-jabbed and pretty cautious, but as we were silent anyway, wearing a mask was no trouble.

We then chatted and had tea and biscuits. It was nice to meet face-to-face after so long on Zoom. I have had a couple of outdoor meetings with the Welsh chat group, but that's all. But after discussing things with G, we've decided it is time to be a little braver. The vaccine genuinely seems to protect against serious illness and hospitalisation, so though naturally we don't want to be ill, it seems like time to be slightly less risk-averse, especially as the Zoe covid study app reports that covid rates are plummeting now in Gwynedd -- at last. Last year they fell during the summer, but this year with people unable to go abroad, tourists flooded into Wales and it was busier than I've seen it since the late-1970s. That pushed rates up and then the schools went back with rates in the community already high.

It's likely that we'll resume face-to-face meetings in the village hall too. This will be just once a month and other meetings will be on Zoom. It dawned on us that both the village hall and M have wifi, so we could do a blended meeting so those who can't or don't want to join the face-to-face meeting can join us online. S said that a laptop would be better than a tablet, due to the larger screen. I have a laptop, I said, though even as I said it, I was remembering that the last Windows update seemed to have almost killed it.

I had been using the laptop for Skype and Zoom chats because I can use the earphones that came with a previous mobile phone. This means that there's no danger of echo and also that G can't hear the other end of the conversation. :-) (With the desktop I have to use headphones with a mike which means I end up looking like an air traffic controller.) Then there was a serious of Windows 10 updates and it started to run ridiculously slowly. I'd put off trying to sort it out, though I'd been switching it on in the hope that another start-up would get things working properly, but this morning I bit the bullet and after googling for some suggestions, I switched off all the things that were running in the background on startup.

On restarting, this triggered a round of installing updates and configuring Windows and then, finally, it seemed a little better. I then discovered a way of deleting temporary files and after removing 22 gb from the recycle bin and waiting for a couple of hours while it removed the temporary files from the Windows update folder, (touch wood) it seems to be back to its normal self. I'll try it our on Wednesday for the Welsh chat.

While I'm on the subject of computers, it seems that mice last me 3 years. I'd noticed that my current mouse is starting to do a double-click when you press the button once and this is not only annoying but potentially could mess something up. "But I've only just bought it", I thought. Then I checked Amazon.

New Mouse 2021 sml.jpg

I bought it three years ago and the mouse before that had also lasted 3 years. So I've ordered a new one which should arrive on Friday.

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